Aug 16, 2018

Now and coming weeks, I will be introducing the teachings on family and marriage by St. Chavara Kuriakose, based on a small book called: Testament of a Loving Father (‘Nalla Appante Chavarul’, in our language Malalayalam), written in 1868. This year is the 150 anniversary of the writing of this book. It gives very practical guide lines for our family life.
Although written 150 years ago, to a small group of people, (his parishioners), the precepts given by St. Chavara is very relevant when our family and marriage are facing many challenges in our country and all over the world. He writes this book in gratitude to the blessing he received by growing up in a healthy and ‘God fearing’ family. Going back to St. Chavara’s teachings on family and putting them into practice, I believe could revive our lost stability of marriage and family.
In the following weeks, we will try to understand each teaching with some practical guidelines to make our family life happy and healthy.
St. Chavara says,” A good family is the image of Heaven”. The hallmark of a good family is that the members live together by the bond of blood and affection, with children duly respecting and obeying their parents, walking peacefully before God and each one, seeking eternal salvation according to his or her proper state of Life”.
St. Chavara, Pray for our families.

God bless,
Fr. Joe