Over the past two years, our parish staff, in consultation with the community through town hall meetings and committees, has carried out a thorough evaluation of the physical and spiritual needs of Notre Dame Parish. Our parish continues to evolve and change, and one particular development which has had a substantial impact is the departure of the Dominican Sisters from the convent after so many years. While it was certainly sad to see the sisters go, the empty building offers an exciting possibility: its conversion into a parish center. While many of our groups and programs have had to meet in the rectory basement or the gym, a parish center would provide a dedicated space for offices, youth ministry, social ministry, and our many parish activities.

The parish has been able to take care of many capital needs over these past two years within our budget, however this project requires extraordinary funding. Our last major fundraising effort was over twenty years ago, and gauging the interest of parishioners at our town hall meetings, it seems like our community is ready to embark on this endeavor. Particularly in this difficult time, we will be strengthening our parish to be a beacon not just within our own boundaries, but to the community beyond. Notre Dame will become a center of evangelization and missionary activity in a world longing for the Gospel.

We have also established a secondary challenge goal with the hope of renovating our church sanctuary as well. Again, through our many town hall meetings and opportunities for feedback, parishioners have shown enthusiasm for the idea of restoring elements from the original church, while enhancing the improvements to the church over the past decades. What better way to glorify God than to beautify his home, and what better way to invite others to our faith than by helping them encounter God in the splendor of the church.




The convent renovation will provide much-needed gathering & worship space:

• Renovate first floor and basement into a parish center which will house:

• space for ministries and parish groups to meet and carry out their missions

• office space and conference rooms

• meeting rooms for parish gathers, including a large meeting room with a media center

• a food pantry

• Install an elevator to meet requirements for ADA compliance

• Renovate second floor space for lease which providing on-going parish revenue

• Renovate chapel for small services and adoration







The church renovation will ensure safety and access for all.

A recent poll of the parish community indicated that an overwhelming 90% of parishioners were in favor of seeking renovation designs for the church. With your support, our parish will:

• repair the slate roof

• restore the sanctuary, including the Shrines to Mary and Joseph

• reveal the Sorrowful Mysteries behind the altar

• upgrade accessibility for people with disabilities


Pledge Plans & Schedules

Renovation Costs

Convent Renovations… $3 million
Church Renovations… $1-1.5 million
Total Cost of Projects… $4.5 million*

*Proceeds from the sale of two parish properties will garner approximately $1.5 million which will be applied toward renovation costs. 


We seek to raise $2 million to renovate the convent, providing space for our ministries and events, while preventing the building from falling further into disrepair. We have a further challenge goal of $3 million, which will enable us to complete all of the church renovation projects. The participation of each and every member of our parish community will be needed for the success of this critical fundraising endeavor. We turn to you, a member of Notre Dame’s Parish family, to prayerfully consider a generous pledge in support of this vital effort. As you pray about your level of participation, please refer to the gift plans.


Tax Advantages of Thoughtful Giving

Federal and state laws on income and inheritance taxes encourage charitable giving. All annual contributions to our campaign are tax deductible for those who itemize their deductions. It is particularly advantageous for some to contribute appreciated securities, real property, or other valuables. The current fair market value of securities or properties is deductible, and by transferring these assets to the campaign fund, the donor pays no capital gains tax. Because each family situation is unique, we urge you to discuss your commitments with your family. You may also wish to discuss your commitment with your financial advisor to determine which plan would be most beneficial to you and to Notre Dame Parish. It is our time to come together as one Catholic community to ensure that Notre Dame Parish will continue to serve the generations of parishioners and friends to come. Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and consideration. God bless you and your family for your continued support of Notre Dame Parish.

How to Donate

Online donations can be submitted by clicking here

Checks written out to Notre Dame R.C. Church marked for Legacy in Mission can be mailed to

Notre Dame R.C. Church
45 Mayfair Road
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Those who donate $5,000 or more to help secure our church’s future in this project will have the opportunity of placing their name, or the name of a loved one they wish to honor, in our donor recognition area. By joining with other members of our parish family, each of us can express our thanks for our many blessings through a sacrificial gift. The chart here offers opportunities for you to make a such a gift over a five-year period.

Gift PlanTotal PledgeDown Payment20 Quarterly Payments60 Monthly PaymentsDaily Sacrifice
Golden Benefactor$200,000+



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