Notre Dame Parish Elementary School

Notre Dame Parish Elementary School has changed over the past sixty-six years. Once
staffed primarily by Dominican Sisters and Franciscan Brothers, the school today is staffed
by lay teachers.
Our school philosophy attests to the fact that Our Blessed Mother is the model for our
efforts as we endeavor to teach as Jesus taught.  Academics are important, but even more
so is the spiritual dimension that is offered.  As one parent expressed about Notre Dame,
“God lives within these halls.”    It is an environment based on the Gospel that enriches the
lives of all who are part of Notre Dame School.
We have a fine academic record, and we are proud of the work that our students do. Their
academic program is enriched by having a wonderful art, music and physical education
program.  Technology is integrated throughout all areas of the curriculum and students are
using the tools of today in an authentic manner.  We offer four languages, through the
Rosetta Stone Program. Students in grades two through eight may choose Spanish,
French, Italian or Latin. Students in kindergarten and grade one will study Italian. Because
we are an exceptional school, we continually strive to do better.  To this end we are in the
midst of the accreditation process by AdvancED.
We are blessed to have a highly qualified staff of professionals, who bear witness to the
Gospel in their teaching and the community of faith they foster for the children and one
another. Our parents are supportive and are actively engaged in sustaining a sound
educational and spiritual community for their children’s growth. We appreciate the sacrifice
that our families make to send their child to Catholic School.
We hope to maintain and increase our enrollment through greater publicity and community
outreach, so that others may see the work that we do in creating responsible faith-filled
members of society. Anyone interested in finding out more about our school can visit our
school web site,, directly or go to the link on our parish web site.  Please
feel free to call the school office as well, to arrange a tour on “Touring Thursdays”.

P.A.V.E. – Parents Acting as Volunteers for Education

PAVE is an acronym for Parents Acting as Volunteers for Education. Its mission is twofold:
to raise funds to help offset the tuition costs and to generate spirit while building community.
This parent run organization has a large budget goal to meet and the PAVE Board who
oversee the coordination of events work tirelessly to meet that objective. It is a commitment
born of love for our school.  Many activities are sponsored with the intent of raising money
within the guidelines of our school philosophy.  Social capital is often built by the shared
commitment to raise financial capital.
There are many events and treats sponsored by PAVE that directly benefit the children –
Halloween Parties, Christmas Boutiques, Holiday Breakfasts, Catholic School Week
lunches. PAVE also works closely with the school administration to enhance school events
such as our Health Fair and School Picnic.  Coordination between the teachers and PAVE
help to create items for our annual auction which is a major fundraiser.
All school parents are PAVE members and by virtue of their selection of Volunteer Status
for tuition agree to assist and support the endeavors of this group for the betterment of
Notre Dame School. Parents with ideas for events or fundraising may contact the PAVE

Chairs or any member of the PAVE Board, the names of which are published in the School
Handbook and web site.
The PAVE Board is structured so that the entire board is not replaced at one time.  It is the
hope that Chairs will take the position for two years while other position may be one or three
year terms. Parents who would like to join the Board are asked to contact the Chairs directly
and/or send in their names to the school office.

School Board

Notre Dame School Board, like the School Boards of parish schools, falls under the
jurisdiction of cannon law and as such has only advisory capabilities. It is comprised of the
pastor, the administrators (principal and vice principal) and nine parents (one parent is the
president of PAVE and as such is not a voting member). Catholic School Board members
function as consultants only and do not have jurisdiction over policy. However, they do
assist in formulating policies that are compatible with the school’s Catholic mission.
Assistance is provided in formulating budgets and tuition projections and represent the
school to the parish finance committee.  An important function of the school board is to
receive and disseminate important information about the school to other school parents and
to the broader community.
The Notre Dame School Board meets approximately five times a year. Each member
serves a three-year term. Elections are held in the spring and are open to parents of
children attending our school. Parents who are interested in sitting on the board are asked
to write a brief biography. These are compiled and elections are held.
Names of the School Board members are published in the annual school handbook and on
the web site.  Parents are free to contact Board members with questions or concerns
regarding policy.

Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people, and adult which
includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine with a view to initiating the
hearers into the fullness of Christian life.