Live Stream Request



Our parish has the ability to live stream and record any service taking place in the church, such as a funeral or wedding. If you are interested in a live stream, please review the information below before submitting your contact information:

  1. Fee: It cost $150 for a live stream. When confirmed, an online bill will be emailed to you. It must be paid before the live stream. 
  2. Streaming: A private link would be provided in advance for you to distribute to family and friends. Only those who have the link can view the live stream.
  3. Camera Position: The live stream is done as a wide shot of the sanctuary from the choir loft. Other camera positions are not available. 
  4. Timing: The live stream will begin 5 minutes before the time submitted in the form below. It will continue for an hour or up until another scheduled live stream (for ex., a 10:15 am funeral live stream would end at 10:55 am before an 11 am Memorial Mass live stream). If you foresee your service going longer than the usual length for a Funeral, Memorial, or Wedding Mass, please respond to the confirmation email with that information when you receive it. If there is no other scheduled live stream following yours, it can be made longer than the normal time to accommodate. An ordinary Mass with music typically is finished within 40-45 minutes.
  5. Recordings: A recording of the event can be downloaded following the stream. A download link for the digital file will be sent to you following the live stream. No DVDs are available.
  6. External Live Stream Services: If you desire to use an external live stream service, outside of the parish option, that is permitted. However, the live stream provider will not be permitted to use any parish technical gear/assets and will not be given access to any parish media outlets (website, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram). If you use an external live stream service, please do not submit your information in the form below, since that form is only for parish live stream inquiries.
  7. Technical Errors: Due to the various components used to do a live stream, it is possible for technical glitches and failures to happen, resulting in a failed live stream. Recordings cannot be recovered if this happens. Though rare, it has happened on live streams before. We do everything we can to prevent this from happening, but some aspects are beyond our control. If the stream fails, a refund will be sent via PayPal to the email submitted in the form below.

Once you submit your information in the contact form, you will get a response within 12 hours of submitting your information. We will send the link and online bill. Please note that if you submit the request the day of or the night before the service, it may not be seen on time to fulfill the request.

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