Families Giving Back offers families an opportunity to serve alongside their children of all ages in monthly projects from September through June. Some Projects have included:

Kick-Off project: Gifts for hospitalized children

Our Families Giving Back program began in November 2018. At that project families created care packages for children hospitalized at Cohen’s Children’s hospital. Dozens of families worked together and assembled more than 60 gift baskets.

Coat and clothing drive

Every fall our families gather and assemble packages of coats and clothing to be donated to various organizations who help the community with these much needed items. We assemble dozens of large bags for distribution.

At each of our projects the youngest members of our program create special cards and crafts for our Homebound Seniors throughout the year. Seniors have received Thanksgiving magnets, Christmas and Valentine’s cards, Special Easter crafts and other special keepsakes from our Families Giving Back young volunteers