Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is an advisory board of parishioners who collaborate with the pastor in assessing and planning for the future. The role of the council is to be involved in ongoing long range planning, to maintain the integrity of the parish mission and the goals and objectives related to it. The council serves as a forum of consultation for the pastor, primarily by engaging in ongoing dialogue about the needs, feelings, hopes and reactions of parishioners. The purpose of this interaction is to foster the process of pastoral planning and decisions, in light of the parish mission and vision.

Presently the council is comprised of eleven members who were selected from a nomination process and the pastor. The council meets and prays throughout the year. Most recently the Pastoral Council has approved a parish mission statement and goals and objectives for the coming year.

Finance Committee

The parish Finance Committee consists of members appointed by the pastor and is consultative to him. The main function of the committee is to monitor and facilitate the annual budget process. It meets regularly to review the financial status of the budget.