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Below is the link for creating a “My Own Church” portal. 

  •  Click on the link and create a portal for your family.
  •  Once the portal is created you will receive an email confirmation with a temporary password and request for you to change to a permanent password. 
  • With your permanent password, log onto the portal using the link and go to the “My Own Church” tab and click on that. 
  •  “My Education” tab should appear on the upper bar. Clicking on the tab opens a “Registration” tab . Follow the steps to complete the registration.

Step 1. – Review your current family details and make any adjustments if needed.
Step 2. Select an Enrollment Term- scroll down to find 2020-2021 at the bottom of the list.
Step 3. Add Students – Add you child/children to the grade for September. You may choose either Home Instruction or Sunday Class for your child.  Submit the Registration.

Note:  All placements will be finalized in  September.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It was with great sadness that we had to end our instructional year early, but we write firstly to let you know that you and your families have been in our prayers. The home is called the Domestic Church, and we pray that this time at home has been an opportunity to grow together as a family in prayer and in faith, which strengthen us and remind us of what is truly important.

In preparing for the coming year, we have used this time to reevaluate our curriculum and examine how we can best serve all of you in helping you hand on the gift of our faith to your children. With our society changing so radically, we felt it was an opportune moment to try and restructure the Religious Education Program in a way that respects the busy schedules of so many families, while still acknowledging the central place the faith should have in the formation of children. We are therefore excited to share with you the outline of this new format which we believe will address the needs of our students and families when we return in September for instruction.

Beginning September, all students will participate in home online learning in place of weekly classroom instruction. This new protocol will include access to e-books, monthly class workshops, retreat opportunities for all grades, Sacramental preparation, and optional monthly Sunday classroom instruction following Mass.  This is a fluid model that will provide the opportunity for virtual presentations and optional classroom instruction. The optional monthly Sunday class is offered for those families who still want a classroom experience for their child/children in addition to online learning. This class will be offered once a month for each grade ( see below ).

First Sunday of the month grades 1,2
Second Sunday of the month grades 3,4
Third Sunday of the month grades 5,6

Fourth Sunday of the month grades 7,8

*These classes will begin when the campus is deemed safe and appropriate protocols are in place, and some variation may occur due to holidays. 


The most important piece of the program is, of course, weekly attendance at Sunday Mass. While as Catholics this is always “mandatory,” we will expect each student in the religious education program to attend Mass weekly. Especially now that students will not be coming to the Church for class, we hope to instead gather on Sunday. Ultimately we would like to trust that everyone will observe this obligation of our faith, but in order to ensure students are ready to advance in the program, particularly in sacrament years, we will be putting in place assignments which confirm attendance. The greatest gift parents can give to their children is that habit of worshipping God at Mass, as it will give them a place to find peace, to find hope, and to find God’s love when they most need it. We know life is complicated, but we pray that families see this as a chance to make a change in routine that will be an incredible blessing. 

During the month of August you will receive updated information regarding dates for parent meetings, class  calendar, and tuition requirements for the 2020-2021 Faith Formation Year. Meetings will be live streamed if it is still not feasible to have personal contact in September. 

Attached to this letter you will also find instructions on how to re-register your child/children. If you have any difficulty with the process, please send an e-mail via Flocknote and a member of the Staff will follow-up with you.

We all know that parents are the first educators / role models for children, and now more than ever they need your guidance and support. We believe this new team approach of parent, child, parish will provide you and your family with the necessary tools to continue to grow in love and relationship with God our Father. God bless you.


Sincerely Yours In Christ,


Father Joseph Scolaro



Mrs. Joanne Fitzgerald

Pastor Director of Religious Education