According to the United States Bishops, “Lifelong formation is always needed and must be a priority in the church’s catechetical ministry.” From the moment of our conception God has initiated a relationship with us. How important it is on our part to nurture that relationship so that we come to understand our faith in its deepest meaning. In light of this and in response to parishioners desire to enrich and renew their faith, and in conjunction with Holy Spirit Parish, a variety of adult courses are offered throughout the year. These courses cover topics related to Scripture, Spirituality, The Vatican Council as well as courses related to today’s needs such as legal seminars, peace and justice issues, etc.

The parish bulletin, as well as our web site is a ready resource to highlight approaching topics.  We would be most interested in knowing your suggestions for future topics. If interested in attending any or all of these courses, please call the rectory for additional information.

Little Rock Scripture Study
Develops Bible study materials which:

  • Help people to read, study and live the Word of God
  • Encourage people to grow in personal knowledge of God
  • Help people experience a greater sense of Christian community
  • Promote and teach Roman Catholic biblical scholarship
    Little Rock Scripture Study is committed to offer support to those involved in Bible study through quality printed and taped resources, enrichment opportunities and workshops.
    More information concerning this program may be obtained through the rectory office

“We consider lay participation in church life at all levels a gift of the Holy Spirit,given for the common good.” -Called and Gifted for the Third Millennium

Prayer Groups
The opportunities for prayer, both communal and individual are many and varied here at Notre Dame Parish.  In addition to the Daily Liturgy,
you might be interested in participating in any of the following:

Weekly Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (Mondays at 12:35 PM)

  • Centering Prayer
  • Charismatic Prayer
  • Queen of Peace Prayer Groups
  • Reunión de Oraciones Hispana (Spanish Prayer)
  • Legion of Mary

All are welcomed to come and pray with one another.  Additional information concerning any of these groups may be obtained by contacting the rectory office.

Small Faith Sharing Groups

Small groups in our parish meet to explore and pray with the Sunday readings from scripture.  Participants have found that reading the scriptures and sharing how God works in their lives is a very rewarding and enriching experience. Each group determines how often they will meet (most once or twice a month).  The sessions are approximately 1 1/2 hours. Would you like to be part of this wonderful experience?  Contact Sr. Josephine Daspro at the rectory (516-352-7203).


Notre Dame Rosary Society

The object of the Rosary Society is to interest Catholic women in the spiritual and temporal works of the parish.
It is important that our efforts be inspired and directed.

  • To the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls.
  • To give special honor to our Blessed Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary and to put ourselves under her protection during life and at the time of death.
  • To put Catholic principles into practice in our own life, our families, and our community and, as far as we can, extend our influence.
  • Rosarians attend the 10:30 AM Mass as a group on the first Sunday of the Month; have 6/7 meetings a year with refreshments, engage a speaker on relevant topics; have a Communion Breakfast in April; coordinate a Day of Recollection and try to arrange an annual trip to a nearby shrine. Our meetings provide spiritual and social encouragement for each other and we welcome all women of the parish to come and join us.